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How to prevent smelly shoes

With sneakers trending and temperatures rising, we’re ditching our boots for shoes that let us go sock-less. But with this switch comes a problem we all dread: the smell. The offending odour is from bacteria that grow on your foot and live (and keep growing!) in your kicks—until you do something about it. So whether …

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How Often Should You Really Wash Your Hair, Based on Your Hair Type

By this point in your life, you’ve probably heard that when it comes to washing your hair, the less frequent, the better. But honestly, WTF does that even mean? My hair texture isn’t the same as your hair texture, and you can’t tell me that, say, dense coils should be treated the same way as …

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All-time best girls’ night movies you’ll wanna binge right now!

Junk food? Check. Room full of friends? Check. Now all you need is a tried and true list of awesome movies to help you laugh and cry your way through the perfect girls’ night in. Here’s a roundup of the best chick flicks ever. 27 Dresses You just need to be a bridesmaid one time …